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3D Printing Buildings on Architecture and Design with Valentine

In the launch of this series “Architecture and Design with Valentine” about the future and possibilities of architecture and design, we discuss the upcoming arrival of 3D printing technology for use on the building scale and what it could mean for our landscape, cities, and neighborhoods. This exciting technology could radically decrease the time to build and the cost of construction, while simultaneously radically improving the ability of customising a building to the needs and desires of the user. Whereas previously only the wealthy could afford a custom home, this method of construction could bring custom building to people of all income ranges, bringing the ability to live in and afford a custom home to those that would previously only be able to afford a prefab or modular home or trailer.

3D Building printing

Architect and designer Jessë Valentine Portz, RA and Dr. Cheri Gurse discuss exciting new innovations in the building and construction world, as well as probing into the possibilities of making sustainable communities and improving the landscape. In episode 1 and episode 2, we discuss some of the ramifications of 3D printing as building sized 3D printers begin to change how building can be built. How it may impact the design and engineering process, the public permitting process, building permits, neighborhood review, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and what it may mean for users and owners of buildings. The arrival of this technology will likely mandate change in both our construction regulations and codes, as well as provide new opportunities in architectural styles and tectonics. The design process and the tools it uses will also have to evolve to take best advantage of the new technologies that are emerging in the 21st century.

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